WHY GOD: The Dolan Twins Have Announced They’re Quitting YouTube

People who don’t get YouTubers, goodbye. YouTube fangirls/boys – hello.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan – everyone’s fave babes and hilarious bros behind The Dolan Twins – have posted a shock vid announcing a YouTube hiatus.

“When Ethan and I first started YouTube it was all for fun,” Grayson says in the clip. “It was all for fun”.

The pair say their hiatus is due to their craft feeling like a job, as opposed to something they enjoy.

“YouTube is kind of becoming a job, and it’s losing it’s spark for us,” Ethan continues.

Ethan explained that he’s also working out his passions.

“I’m kind of lost about what I’m passionate about, and I kinda need to figure it out. Second of all, we make videos every single week. 7 days is not nearly enough time to think or make a change in any way,” he said.

The good news? It doesn’t sound like it’s a forever thing.

“I wanna make stuff that I’m proud of making, and I’m really excited to share with you guys,” Grayson said.

Although, not to be like a neg asshole buttttt remember when One Direction said it was just a break? Yeah…