The Beatles Drag Their Music Into 2015, Announce Streaming From Tomorrow

Forget that time Rihanna and Kanye West rediscovered a little-known singer named Paul McCartney, ’cause this is probably the biggest move The Beatles have made to solidify their G.O.A.T band status in 2015. 

The band are going to release all of their thirteen studio albums on Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and a gaggle of other platforms, after years of carefully protecting their massive back-catalogue of unironically legendary tunes from the unwashed streaming masses. Even better: they’re dropping tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

There are fringe benefits here, too. Feel free to parlay this whole deal into a parent-child bonding experience, as you gently coax your oldies into making their first digital mixtape on Christmas – maybe even let ’em tell you the thousands of screaming Beatles fans were somehow different to the thousands of screaming Bieber fans we get today.

Tidal, Amazon Prime Music, Microsoft Groove, Deezer, Napster and Slacker Radio will also be hosting the catalogue. 

Just avoid ol’ m8 Paul’s attempts at post-Beatles Christmas music, ’cause we all know Wonderful Christmastime should be nuked from orbit. 

Story: BBC.
Photo: Michael Ochs Archives / Getty.