Listen To Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney’s Acoustic Collab, “FourFiveSeconds”

Following up on Kanye West‘s collaboration with Paul McCartney (an up and comer, according to twitter – *eyes roll so far back into head, rendering self blind*), Rihanna has gotten all up in that incredible situation, collaborating with ‘Ye and PM on a new track, “FourFive Seconds”

The track features Kanye and Rihanna on vocals, with Paul McCartney on guitar. It’s an unusually up-beat, breezy track that may not pass the Tommy Haverford banger test (too few BPM, acoustic instruments, no drops, a goddamn mess, really), but I can already imagine this being featured in a trailer for a self-consciously twee Noah Baumbach film, and I’m more than okay with that being a thing.

Ty Dolla $ign told Billboard that the track would be featured on Kanye’s upcoming album, but Rihanna prefaced the release on twitter as “FIRST LOOK AT MY NEW MUSIC”, so whose album FourFiveSeconds will end up isn’t quite so certain anymore. Bad girl, riri. 

Listen to the ultimate dream team kill it below: