YouTuber Twins Slam Magazine For Publishing Weird Article On Their “Huge Bulges”

Twin YouTuber duo Ethan and Grayson Dolan have been major internet personalities for a while now so they’d be used to seeing all kinds of weird shit written about them on social media, but probably not from official publications.

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One half of the American twins, Ethan has taken to Twitter to call out an article by US teen publication Seventeen magazine that’s dedicated to their generous packages called ‘The Grayson Twins Have Huge Bulges’.

Taking to Twitter, the 18-year-old shared a photo of the article and wrote:

“Woke up today and saw this on Snapchat. What the fuck and also what the ffuuck?”

There are a lot of things wrong with this piece. First of all, the iconic pair are called the Dolan Twins, not the Grayson Twins ffs.

Second of all, the image is allegedly photoshopped as fans have pointed out that the twins do not have the arm tattoo in the image.

Lastly it’s rather, well, let’s just say unsavoury for want of a better word, for a teen publication to be posting about the genitalia of twin 18-year-olds.

Meanwhile, fans of the twins are equally stunned by the incredibly cringey article: