In Good (Boi) News, Dogs Are Being Reunited With Their Owners After Being Separated By Floods

Queensland Dogs Floods

Folks along the East Coast of Australia have been absolutely copping it these past few weeks due to the ongoing floods. Thankfully, there might just be a little glimmer of hope and no, we’re not talking about the Hemsworth brothers lending a hand in the cleanup. We are referring to the numerous reunions that have been occurring between dogs and their owners. Tbh, this is the type of news we need right now.

DJ the border collie was one such pooch. He got lost during the floods, leading DJ’s owners to initially presume the worst as per the ABC.

Luckily, the efforts of a local social media campaign led by DJ’s owner Mark O’Toole and local good samaritan Dave Oneeglio were rewarded.

The beautiful dog was returned to safety along with 10 other hounds and six cats who were found after O’Toole and Oneeglio spent six hours searching.


The moment a flood victim is reunited with his lost dog DJ stranded on a tin roof – we’re not crying, you’re crying 🥺 #Studio10 #Exclusive #fyp

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“I was outside yelling for DJ and after half an hour we thought we heard a dog howling,” recalled Mr O’Toole.

“I was up to my chest in water looking. I’d actually given up  when I had a feeling and looked to my right.

“A black-and-white dog was sitting on top of a big pile of metal of what must have been a shed. It was DJ”.

Brb, having a big ol’ cry to myself and thinking about all the dogs I’ve ever patted.

“I broke down when we were at the house seeing everything gone, especially my kids’ things,” O’Toole continued.

“But then when we found the dog I thought, ‘Who cares?’ You couldn’t wish for anything better.”

Despite DJ being the most famous, there have been numerous other wholesome stories of dogs being reunited with their owners.

There was this video of a dog named Sadie being rescued by a knight in shining high-vis.


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There was this floofy compilation via the Sydney Morning Herald depicting dogs of all shapes and sizes being rescued from the floods.


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Despite this fleeting good news, meteorologists have said that the current rains along the East Coast could still last for months.

If you’re keen to lend a (financial) hand, here’s our non-exhaustive list of ways you can help flood victims in Queensland & NSW.