THAT’S GREAT: Thanks To All The Floods, Apparently We Are Now In The Midst Of A Snake Plague

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

You’ve heard of the mouse plague. Now what do you reckon about a snake plague?

I know, I know. It’s like the worst game of “would you rather” ever conceived.

Too bad for us. It looks like there really is a serpent plague afoot. Or at least more snakes bumping into humans than usual.

Let me explain.

Sarah Thompson from the NSW Farmers Rural Affairs Committee told that snake sightings have boomed since the recent flooding in the state.

“They’re just trying to escape the water like we all are,” she told the publication.

“It’s a worry because people with dogs or who are going out to move stranded livestock are at a higher risk of being bitten… everyone’s trying to stay dry, and snakes are no exception.”

When it comes to protecting your home from any snakes displaced by the floods, there’s a few things you can do. ABC Everyday recommends keeping your lawn nice and short, and removing shelter like piles of rubble, timber or hard rubbish — anything a slithery little dude might like to hide under.

You can also try planting native trees that attract birds, like kookaburras, owls, and even magpies. Ideally these birds will scare off any unwanted serpents in your backyard.

If you do see a snake on your property, don’t panic. Just back away very slowly and try not to disturb it.

If the snake is in a dangerous position you can call a professional snake catcher or your local council to come and safely relocate it.

Tony Davis, a snake catcher based in Wagga Wagga told that the growing snake population will likely move on as flood waters go down.

“The water levels will drop down, and they’ll make their way back to where they used to come from,” he told the publication.

Phew. I feel that I have enough going on in my life already without having to also worry about an extended snake plague. Here’s hoping our scaly friends can find their way back to their homes very soon.