Central West NSW Is Being Plagued By An Explosion Of Mosquitoes & The Footage Will Make You Itch

mosquito plague

The most disturbing video I have ever seen in my life has surfaced and if I had to see it so do you: the floods in central NSW have caused a fkn plague of mosquitoes to explode into being and they’re tormenting farmers as we speak.

Nicole Fragar is a 26-year-old farmer whose property is 60km west of Tottenham in the Central West and has been isolated by flooding for two months. She shared horrifying footage to the ABC of a mosquitopocalypse shrouding her farm. A quick warning: it is truly the stuff of nightmares.

In the video, a cloud of the buzzing insects can be seen attacking her windows as they desperately try to get in for but a drop of her family’s sweet, sweet blood. The infestation is so dense you can barely see past her veranda, and honestly I would rather deal with a zombie apocalypse.

“We get pretty used to plagues of bugs after storms and then we looked closer and we saw they were actually mosquitoes — it was crazy,” she told the ABC.

Nicole’s father Jeff Fragar said he had never seen mosquitoes like these “monstrous” creatures in the 30 years he’d been in the area.

“If you walk outside at dusk, the air is humming,” he said.

“I was wearing a cap, it literally bit me through the cap, through my hair and I could feel it in my skull — they are monstrous.”

The family is more worried about their livestock though, because apparently the mosquitoes are so devastating vets are concerned they’ve already killed farm dogs.

“Cows are renowned for hiding their calves when they are born, stashing them away, and if you don’t get … some sort of spray or something on them, by the following day they will be that lethargic because [the mosquitoes] will have sucked them dry,” Jeff told ABC.

“We were talking to a vet the other day and they shared concerns some farm dogs in the region had been killed by the mosquitoes.”

ICYMI, the explosion of mosquitoes was caused by intense flooding in NSW which led to an increase in muddy, larvae-infested still water.

Mosquito expert Dr. Cameron Webb has warned people the mosquitoes aren’t going away soon and the mosquitoplague could go on for months.

“When those floodwaters recede down, the stagnant pools — that’s when mosquitoes will really thrive, unfortunately,” he said, per ABC.

“That’s going to leave conditions very favourable for mosquitoes for a long time to come.”

Dr Webb (lol) has warned flood-ravaged areas of NSW to try and avoid being outside around mosquitoes as much as possible because they could be carrying diseases like Ross River virus and Japanese encephalitis virus — though the good news is no viruses have been detected by mosquito surveillance. So far, anyway.