Cards on the table here, Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm and your pals here in the PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial department aren’t exactly gr8 m8s. And I know this to be true on a personal level because he did me the inadvertent service of removing all his online nonsense from my timeline. Observe:

This, it should be noted, came about after I wrote an article back in February in which I conceded he’d made some actually decent points about the Sydney Lockout Laws, but one that nonetheless compelled him to label me as a “delicate flower” on his overly-active Twitter profile; an epithet I perhaps foolishly rose to by calling him a “blithering twit” in return.

Then he blocked me.

This is a freely elected member of our current senate, ladies and gentlemen.

Whilst since that day forward it’s been a nice, mostly Leyonhjelm-free existence on social media for yr boi, occasionally the cream of his particularly curious brand of lunacy manages to slip through the cracks.

By now you should all be aware of the platform of the Liberal Democrat party: Guns yes, taxes no, and keep the Government small, meek, and off my goddamned lawn. Basically an entire party full of Ron Swansons, except instead of hilarious caricatures of Libertarianism shoved into the fish-out-of-water world of bureaucratically over-controlled local government for comedic effect, it’s a frighteningly real party of legislative lightweights not fit to step foot inside a modern democratic parliament; a row of annoying eighth graders on the back seat of the bus whose sole desire is to flick bus tickets just to see how long it’ll take for the driver to crack it and evict them.

Because we’re now very much ensconced into this gargantuan election campaign, electoral material from the offices of the Liberal Democratic party seemed a mere inevitability. But instead of doing a mere “vote for us” campaign, which realistically would be the only thing that aptly fits their who-gives-a-shit approach, Leyonhjelm has instead taken the unique angle of employing parody for his election campaign.

He’s only bloody gone and parodied Kevin Rudd‘s apology to the Stolen Generation.

In a video posted to the LibDem party’s YouTube page, Senator Leyonhjelm directly lifts lines from Rudd’s historic 2008 formal parliamentary apology to indigenous Australians taken away from their families by the insidious policies of prior Australian governments.

And he does so to have a good old fashioned whinge about taxes, calling Australian taxpayers “amongst the longest-suffering peoples on this land.”


SMART, is the campaign slogan for this particular band of bothers: Save Money And Reduce Taxes.

Might I instead suggest the counter-slogan of FLOG: get Fucking Leyonhjelm Out of Government.

Just an idea.

Source: Liberal Democrat Party/YouTube.