Baby Crocodile “Arrested” In Darwin For Loitering Outside Police Station

crocodile arrested

In what is possibly the most Australian headline you’ll read all day, a crocodile has been arrested for loitering in Darwin.


A real life crocodile.


For loitering.

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The freshwater creature, measuring one-metre long, was reported outside of Palmerston Police Station in Darwin at approximately 2.30am.

Although he’s a small beast when compared to the 2-3 metre fully grown freshwater crocodiles, this little fella could still cause some serious harm to Darwin locals if left to roam the streets.

“Croc-catching cops not expecting any jaw-dropping alliga-tions after a crocodile was found loitering outside Palmerston Police Station,” the Northern Territory Police said on Facebook.

The post has since been shared a whopping 72 times, giving the criminal croc the fame he likely desired.

After what was presumably a big night on the town for the croc, he was “arrested” by police, who worked carefully to restrain the beast.

Initially, the officers tried to use crime scene tape to secure the animal, but later resorted to a wrapping the snappy resident in a blanket and a high-vis vest.

It took three police officers to wrangle the crocodile, who clearly did not want to spend a night in the cell.

The reptile was then placed in the back of a police van before being relocated and safely released back into the wild by a local ranger.

It is believed that the critter could’ve escaped from the nearby Darwin Harbour.