The front page of the infamous Northern Territory News will no doubt implode tomorrow morning over a croc story that resembles the stuff of dreams, as ABC reports two drunk teenagers in Darwin broke into tourist attraction Crocosaurus Cove in the early hours of this morning, allegedly “taunting” one of its most respected residents and aquatic star of ‘Crocodile Dundee’, Burt
Look. The NT News are already SO EXCITED and SO PROUD. 

“Two idiots,” the NT News brands the teenagers who were described by Superintendent Del Jones as “a tad intoxicated” began taunting Burt in his enclosure at Crocosaurus Cove early this morning, throwing items at the 80-year-old living ledge. 
Superintendent Del Jones said:

“About 4:00am we received a call from the security guard… he, God bless his cotton socks, gave chase and the two suspects decamped.”

God bless his cotton socks indeed. Burt, a 5.1 metre long, 700 kg saltwater crocodile, reportedly was taking none of the trespassers’ shit: he “destroyed” a buoy and a Wet Floor sign which was thrown his way by the teenagers, who were later pursued by a security guard and spent the night behind bars before being questioned. 
Burt’s moment in ‘Crocodile Dundee’ made his mark in Hollywood in the below scene, which was mixed with footage of an animatronic crocodile. 

Onya, Burt. 
Via ABC.