A Pool Technician Found A Croc In This Suburban Darwin Pool & Surely He Called Robert Irwin

photo of a crocodile on the grass and a crocodile in a pool skimmer box with flustered emojis overlaid

Who would win in a game of peekaboo between a freshwater crocodile hiding in the skimmer box of a suburban pool and a pool technician? It’s not a hypothetical question but instead a legit awkward turtle (crocodile?) situation that happened in Darwin this week.

For those playing at home, I’d say they both won because the human being wasn’t chomped and the crocodile survived.

But game or not, it was definitely a bit of a “crikey!” moment for Josh, a Calipso Pools and Spas service technician.

Per news.com.au, Josh was simply going about his pool-cleaning business when he went to check out the skimmer box (the little plastic filter basket in a pool that traps big ol’ debris like leaves, sticks and flowers).

I went to put my hand in there and felt something pretty rough,” he said.

“I opened the lid and there was a little croc. I couldn’t get him out of the skimmer box so I moved him out and he started swimming in the pool.

“I think he was more scared of me than I was of him. He just wanted out.”

freshwater crocodile in the swimmer box of a pool
Simply out here vibing (Josh Bailey/Facebook)

Josh, you are a more noble person than I am because there is truly no way I would have remained calm. Just the thought of accidentally touching a crocodile makes me want to start foaming at the mouth (derogatory).

Meanwhile, my mans is out here acting like he’s stumbled upon a box in the street filled with money.

“It’s definitely one of the coolest things I’ve found,” he said.

“Lucky it was just a freshie.”

According to a Facebook post shared by Calipso Pools and Spas, several rangers were called to retrieve and re-home the snappy lad.

freshwater crocodile on green grass trapped in net
The man of the hour (Josh Bailey/Facebook)

But not before the wee croc pulled a Married At First Sight-esque move and caused a bit of drama.

“[He] fluffed up all the stuff I was meant to clean up and caused a blockage but it’s all good now,” Josh said.

I’m sensing a Josh x Robert Irwin x crocodile in the pool Netflix special in the works.