Budget Crocodile Dundee: A NT Pub Owner Gave A Left-Right Goodnight To A Croc W/ A Frying Pan


A pub owner and soon to be owner of an Australian of the Year award (not really, but he should) has gone viral for hitting a croc on the head with a frying pan and is quite astonishingly, still alive.

The video shows the Northern Territory man smashing a crocodile’s noggin after it ate his dog — Dumb Blonde. YES, ATE. Poor Dumb Blonde, but with a name like that the cheeky thing didn’t stand a chance.

Originally shared by Airborne Solutions Helicopter Tours in NT, the post has amassed over 4000 views on Facebook. I reckon someone should put it on TikTok though, as that sort of video would flyyyy.

Watch the vid below:

The north of Australia is just a whole other breed, honestly. While the east coast has bin chickens and mice, the north is dealing with crocodiles, snakes and all kinds of deadly animals. I now feel bad for screaming whenever I see a tiny pantry moth. Maybe I need to start hitting them with my Tefal pan?

Anyway give this man a pat on the back, because he sure as hell deserves it.

Why bother making the Crocodile Dundee remake, when we had our very own budget Crocodile Dundee right here in Northern Territory?