Burt The Psychic Croc Has Officially Called The Election For Labor

The time for speculation is over: Burt, the psychically gifted crocodile that correctly predicted that Malcolm Turnbull would be prime minister after the 2016 election, has officially called it for Bill Shorten.

[jwplayer 9asDoP8m]

Burt made the prediction today at Crocosaurus Cove using his tried and true method, which involves deciding between two juicy pieces of bait hung beneath an image of each of the major party leaders. Not just famous for his psychic prowess, Burt is also a movie star, having enjoyed a starring role in Crocodile Dundee.

It’s unclear via what mechanism Burt is able to connect with the cosmos and make his bold predictions of the future, but he definitely has a striking success rate if you ignore all the times he has predicted things incorrectly.

Please enjoy a very excited David Speers making the announcement this afternoon on Sky News: