QLD Cops Are Looking For These Insane Goobers Who Climbed Into A Croc Trap

QLD police have condemned the actions of a group of ultra gronks who climbed on top, and even inside of, a baited crocodile trap at a marina in Port Douglas in the state’s far north.

In pictures posted to Facebook the four men can be seen fooling around with the trap, which was fitted with partial pig carcasses in waters known to generally be infested with crocs.

Authorities are investigating the incident with the state’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection calling the stunt “stupid and reckless interference”.

These traps are specifically designed to attract crocodiles and they are deployed in places where a problem crocodile is known to be present. It is extremely dangerous to interfere with a crocodile trap, regardless of whether or not there is a crocodile within.

Recently introduced laws carry penalties of more than $15,000 for deliberately messing around with croc traps, brought in after others were found tampering with them in far-north QLD.

What makes this insanely stupid activity even more mind-numbingly half-baked is this trap is not too far from where 79-year-old woman was taken and killed by a crocodile literally weeks ago.

Hey everyone who for some reason needs a reminder about swimming into a crocodile trap. DO NOT DO THIS. This is extremely fucking dumb.

Anyone with information on the matter is urged to contact the department.