Shit-Stirrer Without A Spoon Craig Kelly Has Now Called Kerry Chant A ‘Demonic Vax-Cultist’

craig kelly kerry chant

COVID conspiracy theorist, general nuisance and federal MP Craig Kelly is back on his bullshit, this time labelling the NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant a “demonic vax-cultist”. Odd times, friends, odd times.

Kelly made the comment about Chant on his Telegram, which is where he now spreads misguided information that suits his conspiracist causes after being properly banned from Facebook.

This comes shortly after he was accused of spamming people across Australia with anti-vax text messages and fired off an all-staff email to every Australian MP, Senator, and their staffers with “alarming findings devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout”. Busy week for Kelly.

The video of Dr Kerry Chant shared by Kelly features her saying that she cannot see a world without COVID-19 in the near future, and that booster vaccines may be something we will all need as we learn more about the virus and how to best live with it in the future.

To this, Craig Kelly wrote: “This women (sic) is a demonic vax-cultist. She is preaching perpetual vaccinations.”

Fkn gross.

This isn’t the first time that Kelly has shared questionable shit on his Telegram account, as not long ago he was encouraging the anti-lockdown protests that were kicking off in NSW.

“Come on State Liberal MPs act now and remove Gladys, for if you don’t inaction will destroy the Liberal party,” he wrote.

But then again his account is full of some batshit claims, such as this one made yesterday about how Australia has fewer freedoms than Vladimir Putin‘s Russia, which, by the way, has committed a series of human rights atrocities in the past, and has explicitly homophobic anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in place.

But yeah, I guess Australia is worse for wanting to *checks notes* vaccinate its people.

Here is the post Kelly shared below. Underneath it, he wrote:


“While Putin remains opposed to mandatory vaccinations – in contrast, Morrison, Berejiklian, Andrews, Palaszczuk are all in favour of forcing Australians to be injected.

“How far we have fallen.”

putin craig kelly
Craig Kelly’s Telegram post from August 30.

Rightio then.

Guess all one can do in times like this is ignore all the turbo fuckery spewing from Kelly’s rabid posting, as hard as it may be.

All adult Aussies (yep, even if those of us under 40) are currently able to get the safe and effective AstraZeneca vaccine through a GP. Click here to see which clinics are offering it, and talk to a doctor to see if it’s right for you.

Alternatively, you can triple-check to see if you’re eligible for the Pfizer vaccine here.

The best vaccine is the first one you can get, and that’ll be our ticket out of this mess.