Craig Kelly’s ‘Absolutely Not’ Sorry For Spamming Yr Phone With Those Weird Unsolicited Texts

Craig Kelly

United Australia party leader Craig Kelly said he’s “absolutely not” sorry about spamming everyone’s phone with unsolicited text messages, while also making a weird comparison to vaccine passports.

Earlier this week, a bunch of Aussies had the displeasure of receiving a text message from Sir Trash-a-lot himself, Craig Kelly. The member for Hughes in south-west Sydney used Clive Palmer‘s unearned cash to send a text that read: “You can never trust the Liberals, Labor or [the] Greens again,” with a link to his own website.

Obviously, people were mad. But the worst part is that Kelly has defended the move and reckons that because it’s “100% legal” that somehow makes it ok???

“If they’re concerned about Australians privacy, they should be standing up and calling for an end to vaccine passports,” Kelly told The Age.

“I find it a bit ironic that people are upset about their privacy by getting a text message, but by the same token, they’re absolutely silent about Australians having to show their health records before they could go and get a job across the state border.”

How the hell is sending millions of unsolicited text messages the same thing as showing a vaccine passport to state border authorities? Kelly really out here with the dumbest takes ever.

Shortly after the text went out, a bunch of people complained on Twitter and some even reported the messages to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

ACMA received more than 300 complaints about those weird texts, but unfortunately political parties are exempt from most requirements under the Spam Act, The Age reported.

“Messages from political parties, independent members of parliament (phone calls only), government bodies and registered charities are exempt from most spam and telemarketing rules,” the ACMA said in a tweet on Friday arvo.

I think I’d rather a text from an ex over Craig Kelly, and that’s saying something.