Confirmed Dud Eric Trump Broke The Law By Tweeting His Ballot Paper

Honestly, does anyone in the Trump family actually know how to vote?

Firstly, we had The Don peering over wife Melania‘s shoulder, presumably to either a) get her tips on how to do it, or b) triple check she’s not voting for Hillary.

Now we have his son, Eric, violating New York election law by posting a photo of his marked ballot on Twitter.
“It’s an incredible honour to vote for my father!,” he wrote, oblivious to his error in judgement.
It goes without saying (to people with even a hint of self-awareness) that sharing a ballot paper isn’t smart; someone could buy your vote, or otherwise coerce you into voting for a specific candidate.
But according to an election law enacted 126 years ago, a person who “[s]hows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so as to reveal the contents … is guilty of a misdemeanor”, with guilty parties punishable with large fines and jail time.
So Eric, look – by all means, please continue.

Photo: Getty / Astrid Stawiarz.