Donald Trump & His Tiny Hands Confirmed As US Presidential Nominee

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. Donald Trump is running for President of the United States.

The Republican Party confirmed Trump as their nominee after voting took place at the currently on-going Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Threats had been made to disrupt the vote in some way by staunch GOP members who remain vehemently opposed to Trump’s nomination, however it would appear that those sectors of the party are now resigned to Trump being the party’s nominee.

Whilst Trump has long been the presumptive Republican nominee after swamping rivals in Republican primary votes to the point where he entered the convention with virtually no opposition, the vote today finally confirms that Trump’s name will be on the ballot when American citizens head to the polls (y’know, if they want to) later in the year.
Trump took to his ever-active Twitter account with his tiny fucking hands to herald his nomination a short while ago.

That “never let you down” quip, combined with wife Melania Trump‘s deeply weird and definitely stolen speech yesterday, really just adds weight to the theory that Trump’s entire tilt at the White House is a goddamned giant Rick Roll.

Trump’s presumptive opponent Hillary Clinton will likely be confirmed as the Democratic Party nominee when the Donkey Party holds their national convention in Philadelphia from next Monday.
Then the real campaign begins. Good lord.
The US Presidential Election is scheduled for November 8th. Just in time for the next Presidential campaign to begin.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Ida Mae Astute/Getty.