All Coles Stores In Australia Are Closed Due To An IT Glitch So RIP Friday Night Snacks

All Coles stores across Australia have reopened after having to temporarily shut down due to an IT glitch, that caused stores to be closed for hours.

The glitch caused cash registers to malfunction across the country, with many people having to abandon their shopping in the aisles and unable to pay for their groceries.

However, Coles Express and Coles Liquor were not affected by the glitch.

Coles customers will now receive triple FlyBuys points on their foo and groceries this weekend as a thank you for their patience.

“And to help customers who were unable to complete their shopping on Friday afternoon, Coles Online is offering free home delivery on orders of $50 and above until Sunday 18 October,” a spokesperson said.

The Coles shutdown meant that many shoppers were turned away, with some on Twitter joking that they would go to Woolworths instead.

Even Woolies was in on the joke, but when questioned on their intentions they denied it was a joke and said: “Certainly not our intent, Geoffrey. We were just keen to clear up some initial misinformation doing the rounds.” Yeah, C’mon Geoffrey.

The malfunction caused chaos throughout Coles stores in Australia, with someone calling it a “standstill” and wondering how long their salmon could remain out of their fridge until it went off.

Shortly after the IT glitch happened, a Coles spokesperson let the public know of the temporary technical issue.

“Coles supermarkets are being closed temporarily due to a technical issue with processing payments in our stores,” a spokesperson said.

“Our team is working hard to fix the issue and stores will reopen as soon as possible.

“We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience.

“Coles Express and Coles Liquor stores remain open for trade,” they added.