More, Yes *More*, Rain Is Headed For NSW This Weekend Oh And Also Vic For Once


As if the news of NSW’s impending flu epidemic hadn’t rattled us enough there’s also a whole new cold weather system full of lots of wet, drippy water headed for NSW, Vic, Tassie and SA.

The wintery blast is forecast to arrive on the south coast late on Friday and will move north-east over Vic and NSW all through our precious Saturday.

NSW is due to cop the most rain, naturally, and more than 50mm of rain could fall within 24 hours in some areas. Weatherzone has also warned of potential flash flooding. Hooray.

Honestly, give Sydney residents’ laundry baskets a break.

NSW is obviously very used to the rain by now but this front will also be colder than my little toe at nighttime.

The cold weather system is expected to bring temperatures as low as 4ºC in its path so I guess May is winter now. Summer is officially over for SA, Vic and Tas. Sorry to NSW who never got one.

The rain is however expected to clear on Sunday and should be followed by a few days of sun (!!!). Just watch me cram a month’s worth of vitamin D into my skin cells in two days.