Get Ready For Those Nips To Harden ‘Cos An Antarctic Cold Front Is Hitting NSW, VIC, QLD & Tassie

cold front victoria nsw tasmania queensland

A polar cold front, currently chilling on the Antarctic coast, is expected to make its way to South East Australia next week and eventually half of the entire country and cool, cool, cool.

According to Weatherzone, from Monday, a cold front will hit southern SA and western Victoria, bringing a “very cold airmass”. Regional southern parts of NSW, central and eastern Victoria, and western Tasmania can expect heavy rainfall of up to 100 millimeters, too.

Then on Wednesday next week, Queensland will be hit with an icy blast. I’m talking *both* daytime and morning temperatures of 4 to 7 degrees in southern and central parts of the state, with folks in the inland parts of the Southeast Coast getting the portable heaters ready for a drop below zero on Thursday morning. Damn, I can feel my nipples getting harder already.

“It will be a good start to the snow season,” Weatherzone meteorologist Esteban Abellan said about our new frozen feared reality, via the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We could also see snow in the Central Tablelands of NSW, a dusting of snow in the Blue Mountains, and the Northern Tablelands in NSW and southern Queensland.

“Snow in Queensland doesn’t happen very often—about once a year.”

If you want a visual display of our forthcoming freeze-apocalypse or have a Big Brain, Weatherzone developer Andrew Miskelly has a proper meteorologist map detailing the cold front’s trajectory over the south-eastern part of the country below:

For Sydneysiders, we can expect to feel high temperatures of 20 degrees on Monday and Tuesday, followed by *checks notes* a disgusting frosty tip of 15 degrees on Wednesday. If you saw me hoarding boxes of pumpkins for a bulk pumpkin soup this weekend, no you didn’t, bitch.

“By the end of the week, Sydney could see tops of 19 or 20 degrees, just in time for the weekend.”

Melbourne will be met with similar temps of 18 degrees on Monday, followed by maximums of 15 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep it frosty, half of Australia.

On the bright side, this could impact the impending mouse plague that haunts my dreams, and justify my recent $30 hot blankie from ALDI that will no doubt come in handie next week.