Sydney Just Had Its Wettest March On Record And We’re Not Due For A Reprieve For Literally Months


Shiny new severe weather warnings have been issued for Sydney today, the last day of its wettest March on record (!!!), and my growing pile of damp laundry can no longer cope.

Warnings were issued for most of the NSW coastline on Thursday morning and the Bureau of Meteorology said strong winds, “local damage” and “abnormally high tides” were expected.

“Very heavy surf with waves exceeding five metres may lead to localised damage and coastal erosion is expected to develop from Thursday afternoon, persisting during Friday,” it said.

“Beach conditions, particularly along exposed south-facing beaches, could be dangerous and people should stay well away from the surf and surf exposed areas.”

Please do not go for a swim like this turkey:

Image source: Brook Mitchell via Sydney Morning Herald

The heavy rain has come south from Lismore which suffered another major flooding event on Wednesday — its second in a month.

More than 30,000 people remained under evacuation orders on Thursday morning and the search for a missing Lismore woman continued.

The river reached a peak 11.4m at 5pm on Wednesday, shy of the 14.4m record it set in February. The river was at 10.89m and continued to fall on Thursday morning.

Sydney has recorded its wettest March and sixth wettest month since records began in 1859 and whoop-de-doo: little reprieve from wet weather has been forecast for the coming months.

The rain record was beaten at 11am Wednesday with 42 hours of the month to spare. The city received a full and luscious 537mm of rain.

But to put that into perspective, Lismore received almost that amount in 24 hours from 9am on Tuesday to 9am on Wednesday so count your lucky stars for now.

But June is typically the city’s wettest month so this could get worse still.

Forecasts for April to June showed that rainfall would likely above average for the east coast. When will this end??? We might see a glimmer of sunshine in July.

We shouldn’t have to say this but yes, the unseasonal heavy rain has been caused by global heating.

Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domensino told the SMH Sydney’s climate had been shifting recently to wetter summers and drier winters.

“There is a climate-change fingerprint here. Rainfall is geared more towards summer than winter,” he said.

Time to invest in a sturdy umbrella.