Here’s Chris Hemsworth Dancing With His Kids & Dog To ‘Wrecking Ball,’ Enjoy

Seldom do the “Celebrities you wish were your Dad” and “Celebrity Daddy” circles intersect, and there’s a fair argument to be made that the centre of that Venn Diagram should be renamed the Hemsworth Arch.

Nonetheless, it’s fairly easy to forget that other than being a professional stack of hams taped together, Chris Hemsworth has a tiny, wee, adorable little family of his own.

The 34-year-old has three kids, a girl and twin boys, and his social feeds are often replete with pure, wholesome goodness.

Take, for example, this latest effort: An entirely adorable video of Hemsworth and the clan cutting a few shapes to Miley Cyrus‘ megahit Wrecking Ball that begins with Big Chris’ throwing out a few poses that wouldn’t go astray in a Broadway musical, and ends with him on the floor fending off an extremely playful and very fired up pooch.

The content. It is wholesome as fuck.

‘Course those of you prone to a little hot tea from time to time will no doubt have picked up on the fact that Wrecking Ball was the tune Cyrus penned in 2013 after breaking up with fellow-Hemsworth Liam, although the couple did wind up getting back together and getting re-engaged in 2016.

Plus, Cyrus herself put the icing on the cuteness cake by reposting the video a short time later, which gives us a weak excuse to post it in this article twice.

Now then this all begs the question: If I changed my surname to Hemsworth and just started showing up at family gatherings in Byron, would they accept me as one of their own, or would it be a bit weird?

It’d probably be a bit weird, hey.

Still, worth a shot.