Liam Hemsworth Will Not Stop Pulling Scare Pranks On Miley Cyrus

If you follow Liam Hemsworth on Instagram you’ll notice he likes to scare the shit out of his fiancée Miley Cyrus. Who knows just how long these antics have been going on for but Hemsworth started posting the prank videos to his account a month back.

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In this particular prank, Hemsworth and Cyrus (and some dude in the back) were on a nice drive when the 28-year-old decided to randomly yell out. Cyrus, who was trying to apply some lipstick, jumped in shock. In short, Cyrus was not happy as she turned to say, “You are going to fuck up my fucking lipstick.”

Hemsworth posted the prank to his Instagram Story but of course, fan accounts are on the bloody ball.

Swipe away for the video.

Back in August, Hemsworth pulled a similar stunt in the car when poor Cyrus was just looking out the window at a couple of adorable deer.

“Gets her every time,” Hemsworth captioned the video.

Although, the most savage prank (to date) has to be the one where Hemsworth hid around the corner of their house, in the goddamn dark, before both leaping out and shouting at her.

Cyrus, not holding back, calls her darling fiancée a “fucking cunt”. 

“I hate you so fucking much, you are so fucking annoying,” Cyrus continued.

Fair enough.

Hemsworth, amused yet sensing he’s a bit of shit, admitted to the camera, “That was a bit of harsh one.” 

He captioned the post: “Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad…almost.”

Meanwhile, Cyrus definitely has some new material on the way. Earlier in the year the artist completely blacked out her Instagram account and partially did the same to her Twitter and YouTube channel. Since quite a few artists have done this in the past to signify new music/content/projects, let’s go ahead and say new material is on the way.