Convicted Wife Killer Chris Dawson Found Guilty Of Having A Sexual Relationship W/ A Student

chris dawson
CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses child sexual abuse.

Convicted wife killer and former high school teacher Chris Dawson has been found guilty of having a sexual relationship with an underage student in the 1980s.

Dawson, 74, faced a judge-only trial in the NSW District Court where he pleaded not guilty to one count of “carnal knowledge of a girl aged between 10 and 17” (which refers to sexual intercourse with a minor, basically).

The woman, only known as AB, gave evidence to the court that she and Dawson had begun a sexual relationship when she was 16, in 1980, while he was still married to his wife Lynette Simmswho he was found guilty of murdering.

AB alleged that Dawson “singled” her out in school and “groomed” her into a sexual relationship with him, where they would “kiss and canoodle” in fitness class and in his car before having sex at his parent’s home and office.

“I was also seeing him every Friday night … It got out of control, the amount of time I was spending with him,” she said, per ABC News.

Dawson didn’t deny he had a sexual relationship with AB, but claimed she was a student he had provided counselling to, and that she had left his class and already turned 17 when the relationship became intimate.

Judge Sarah Huggett found Dawson guilty on Wednesday, and cited a card he sent ABC in 1981 as “powerful evidence” that the two had already engaged in sexual activity.

In the card, Dawson wrote AB was “the most beautiful girl in the world”, and signed it off as “love always, God”. (Yikes.)

Other witnesses also testified in the trial, with one describing AB as being seen as Dawson’s “sidekick” on the playground. Another said Dawson had approached a boy that liked AB and told him to stop asking her out on dates.

Chris Dawson will begin proceedings to be sentenced on September 8.

Image: Getty Images / Jenny Evans

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