Casting Call: Diplomatic Dachshunds Wanted For MCA Installation

Do you own a Dachshund, affectionately known as a sausage dog? Does your dog have a penchant for contemporary art installations? Perhaps their name is Würste, Matthew Weiner, Sal(ami) or Frank(furt). Perhaps I should stop. If you do and you live in Sydney (or a just really freaking keen on getting involved) you should get behind the latest ‘what the what?‘ provoking effort from the curatorial team that bought you public nudity at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Local Positioning Systems are recruiting adorable daschunds for Western Australian artist Bennett Miller’s Dachshund United Nations event (the artist is pictured below with said installation), which is scheduled to run (and jump and bark) on from Sunday 3rd to Monday the 4th of June as a large-scale, four-level amphitheatre architectural installation at MCA Square.

Owners of the dachshing dogs are invited to a vegetarian/Dachshund friendly barbecue (!!!) at Carriageworks in Eveleigh (or is it Redfern? Or Newtown? Or Darlington?) next Saturday the 14th at 2pm (bark it in your diaries) to audition for a part as a delegate of the Dachsh-U.N.-d (see what I did there?) Human Right’s Council. The performance will examine the role of the U.N. as a risk management organisation. Risks in the performance will be managed by the presence of blue-helmeted curators with poop scoopers.

For further information, visit The MCA or Performance Space website.