Check Out These Photos Of Melbourne’s Inaugural Sausage Dog Race

Let’s not mess about here. You wanted to see pictures of dogs, right? Well, here’s a picture of a dog:
… and here’s a picture of another dog:
All of these dogs were in Melbourne yesterday to participate in the inaugural Running Of The Wieners, the dachshund race that kicked off this year’s Oktoberfest celebrations.
Can you even? No, neither can we.
The event was held to raise funds for Dachshund Rescue Australia, and also to raise awareness of how freakin cute dachshunds are, running around all over the place with their little legs.
UGH, stop being so goddamn adorable already. 
More than 50 dogs competed on the day, in events for mini, standard, old and disabled dachshunds – as you may have guessed from the above pictures, there was also a best-dressed competition, which people took pretty seriously.
Per The Age, race organiser Scott Highfield said: “They’re really fast, especially the minis; the minis move faster than you think. It’s on for young and old as soon as they jump out of the blocks; it’s over very quickly.”
Anyway, enough of this, please enjoy more pictures of dogs doing dog things:

Photos: Scott Barbour via Getty Images