#CasinoMike Proudly Lived Up To His Name On ‘Kyle & Jackie O’ This Morning

Mike Baird appeared on hard-hitting news and current affairs program Kyle & Jackie O this morning, ostensibly to defend and explain the NSW State Government’s controversial lockout laws.

How’d that go? Well, let’s just say that the Premier 100% lived up to his #CasinoMike nickname, saying that, while Sydney residents can’t be trusted to manage their own alcohol consumption, “if people want to gamble, they can gamble.”
Kyle Sandilands shot back with “but if people want to dance, they can’t dance – it feels like we’re in a Footloose movie”, putting us in the rare and uncomfortable position of actually agreeing with Kyle Sandilands.

Kyle later proposed an alternative solution to the lockout, telling Baird that the resources currently allocated to policing marijuana might instead be used to protect city punters:

Former High Court judge Ian Callinan is heading an independent review of the lockout laws, the findings of which will be presented in August. 
Baird has said that it would take a lot to change his mind over the laws, and he attempted to justify his position this morning, saying that the review is attempting to “engage the Sydney nightlife directly”, although the Sydney nightlife has already spoken pretty loud and clear.
Source: Kyle & Jackie O.