Mike Baird Peaced Out Of That Lockout Debate Early & Locals Ain’t Pleased

In case you missed it, residents of Sydney were given an absolutely primo opportunity to display their stance on the city’s lockout laws a lil’ earlier this arvo. 

Lead by Greens MP Jenny Leong, a solid group of impassioned young guns were on deck to see the Member for Newtown deliver a 10,000-signature-strong anti-lockout petition to State Parliament, before a discussion on the laws took place. 

Full gallery worth of people at parliament today to hear @jennyleong.newtown present the anti #lockout petition

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Notably not on-deck: Premier Mike Baird. Local dance music publication Stoney Roads claims the Premier and architect of the lockout laws left the debate portion of the session early, effectively peacing out on a pretty dang important (if short) discussion of the laws. 

Others lamented the Premier’s absence on social media, calling the fact he wasn’t present to watch the petition be presented in the chamber “shameful”. 

Of course, this whole deal has happened within the framework of the huge inquiry into the efficacy of the laws

A review report will be handed up to the NSW Government in August, which might just give Baird a few more opportunities to listen to the issues debated in parliament. 

Source: Stoney Roads. 
Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty.