WATCH: New Track ‘Rock Out With Your Lockout’ Lampoons Mike Baird’s Nanny State

It was probably an inevitability that there would be contenders trying to stake their claim on creating the tune standing against the Sydney lockouts. This one, named ‘Rock Out With Your Lockout’ (because of course it is) is a horn-laden Whitlams-esque throwback by Sydders songwriter Dane Laboyrie, and it’s a pretty fun video.

Have a taste (responsibly, obviously):
It features Laboyrie cruising around empty Sydney streets on a bicycle and being refused entry into numerous venues, and imploring us to remember that the ‘99% just want to dance’, which really is an astounding volume of people who want to dance. 
Cute little vid, with a nice little dance scene on the foreshore at Circular Quay beside the Opera House with a whole bunch of punters who are just bloody sick of not being able to get a nightcap past 1:30am, you know?
It’s just the latest salvo in the war on #CasinoMike – and folks, the results of the lockouts review really cannot come fast enough.
Source: YouTube.