This Car Being ‘Consumed’ By QLD Floodwaters Is A Grim Reminder Not To Fuck With Mother Nature

car flood queensland video

The absolute deluge of rain that is assaulting most of Australia’s mid-north coast at the moment has caused intense flooding in multiple vulnerable areas. There has been plenty of intense videos captured by victims of the floods, but none wilder than this new piece of footage from Queensland, which shows a car being consumed by water.

Fires, floods and a pandemic have been sweeping Australia since late 2019, with each taking its turn to rip us a new one. This year it looks like the water wants its piece, as 18,000 people evacuate their homes across NSW due to extreme historic flooding.

The floods have been affecting Australia’s mid-north coast in areas between NSW’s Hunter Valley and Coffs Harbour, with some areas in the southern parts of Queensland also experiencing flash flooding and potential landslides.

On Tuesday, Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMRQld) posted a video of a vehicle stalled on the road being swept away by rapid waters. It’s an absolutely wild video, as the camera captures the car floating down the river, never to be seen again.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon on Springbrook Road in the Gold Coast, right by Mudgeeraba Creek.

Please watch the vid for yourself, which has been adequately captioned by TMRQld.

The video is completely distressing, especially when you watch it and have no idea whether or not someone is actually inside the vehicle.

Thankfully, TMRQld clarified that nobody was harmed, and that the car was completely empty.

“This vehicle stalled on the causeway, and the driver was able to get out safely before the water consumed it.”

Fuck. Consumed. Let that intense word choice sink in (no pun intended).

This isn’t the only piece of wild footage from the recent floods, with ABC Sydney posting a whole series of vids, including one that shows the Nepean Dam overspilling with intense amounts of water.

And then there was this extremely Aussie vid of a woman in Berkeley Vale, kayaking in the street with an umbrella. Wild times.

And finally, have a gander at the intense flooding in Port Macquarie, captured from an aerial view.

Flooding is a natural occurrence here in Australia, but flooding at this level may be seen more frequently thanks to the effects of climate change, researchers say.

If you plan on going for a big drive anytime soon, please check for flood warnings across the country and be sure to avoid areas with heavy amounts of rain. Stay safe out there!