The Bright Orange Fuck Known As Captain GetUp Is Still Going For Some Reason

From what we can discern based only on the very confusing way in which he operated, the primary function of the Advance Australia superhero Captain GetUp was to keep Tony Abbott in the seat of Warringah. This was to be achieved by linking Abbott’s independent opponent, Zali Steggall, to the scariest things that a voter in a wealthy seat can imagine: the Greens and Labor.

[jwplayer YcpeAy7l]

Given that Steggall won and Tones is now (presumably) weeping softly and staring out to sea mournfully, it would only make sense that Captain GetUp would now quietly disappear from the public eye. I am truly sad to report that this has not happened.

The orange bastard who claims to be the son of Bill Shorten is still kicking around on Twitter, refusing to acknowledge that people are making fun of him.

It’s unclear to what end (or for how long they have employed the person who appears to be operating both the suit and the social media accounts), but Captain GetUp is very much still churning out very weird content. Take, for example, this photo, where they have photoshopped themselves into an image of Bill Shorten, with a composition that somehow suggests that a murder is about to take place:

The only real change since the election appears to be that, instead of saying that a few independents are secretly actually in the Labor Party, he is now claiming that Labor themselves are… independents? Yeah, I’m not entirely sure about that one either:

It is yet to be seen how Captain GetUp will be occupying themselves in the downtime between elections but, I must admit, I am extremely jealous of the former YouTuber whose job now is apparently just to eat shit on Twitter with no expectation of any kind of success or efficacy. The dream.