Bunnings Is Opening In The UK & Brits Are Completely Baffled By The Snags

It turns out the first-ever Bunnings store is opening up in the UK this week! 
Yep, St Albans (an hour north of London) is getting their very own Aussie gardening/hardware warehouse, complete with a cafe, kids playground, and *drumroll* a sausage sizzle. 
Photo: Steve Collinge/Twitter
Horrifyingly however, it seems as though Brits are pretty dumbfounded by, 1) a hardware store the size that’s probably about the same size as some small UK towns, and 2) why there’s a goddamn sausage sizzle at a hardware store, and finally, 3) what in the ever-loving fuck a ‘sausage sizzle’ is. 
There’s footage of reporters asking St Albans residents on the street how they feel about the Bunnings opening, and hooo boy – some confusion doth occur. 
Bunnings to me is a bunny!” says one lady, which is a super weird answer and she’s clearly confused by the question. 
Another man tells the reporter that “It doesn’t mean anything to me because I’ve never heard of it before!”, which is probably a fair call. 
We’re sad to report that our ~extremely important~ cultural tradition of shelling out some gold coin for a slightly burnt yet cold sausage in a thin, dry slice of white bread, topped with tomato sauce and fried onions is being completely undervalued on an major international scale. We have been shamed. 
See the incredible news report via The West Australianthewest.com.au/news/wa/bunnings-bid-for-uk-irish-trade-opens
The St Albans Bunnings opens on Thursday (today) in the UK, so we’ll see what they have to say after they finally get to experience the pure elation of being rewarded with a delicious meat treat after hours painfully tedious paint shopping. 

Source: Daily Mail.