Vegans Are Planning A Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Next Week And People Are Losing Their Shit

A bunch of people with utes as their Facebook profile pics are having a big old sook because a Bunnings in Perth is having a vegan sausage sizzle.

Greyhound Adoptions WA holds a sausage sizzle at Rockingham Bunnings about once a month.

Recently, one of its members realised that it makes sense for an animal welfare fundraiser to not sell meat. But it seems the mouth-breathers of Australia want to have their greyhound and eat it too (PEDESTRIAN.TV is in no way suggesting anyone is actually eating greyhound sangas).

The organisers reckon their bean-and-pea snags will taste no different from their usual sausage sizzles, but punters are divided. In fact, droves of haters took to Facebook to express their utter disgust that vegans plan on cooking food.

One post received almost 4,000 comments, reports While many of the posts have since been deleted, news articles that followed generated their own cesspit of bad vibes in the comments sections.

Hell hath no fury like meat lover learning that someone, somewhere, might choose a plant. Their comments below have been edited for clarity.

“Umm no!! I [am] sad to say I live in Rockingham but I can guarantee I won’t be buying a sausage sizzle there. In fact I may take my own and eat it there!” said one commenter.

Another was similarly blunt: “Not a good idea […] there will be a huge public backlash as a result […] those of us who have been unfortunate enough to try this fake meat even if by accident know just how bad it is […] the word inedible best describes it.”

One bloke even took the opportunity to boast about his tools for some reason.

“I have already been buying hardware online since reading about this,” he said. “As I refuse to be ambushed by those vegans trying to force their life choices down my throat.”

Shopping online to own the vegans. Jeff Bezos would be proud.

Many of the negative comments were coming from people in other states – in other words, people who have no intention of going to Rockingham Bunnings in Perth in the first place. However, many more comments expressed support for the initiative, regardless of whether or not they were vegan themselves.

PEDESTRIAN.TV wishes the greyhound-sheltering vegans well on their sausage sizzle next week.