When the United Kingdom’s very first Bunnings Warehouse opened last week, punters were apparently mystified. Not by the veritable wonderland of toilet seats, door knobs and fasteners your dad reckons he needs to order in bulk, but by the humble sausage sizzle. 

While we can only hope the nation eventually accepts our most earnest form of cultural exchange, a bona fide Aussie has decided to report on how exactly the British take on the hardware giant is pulling through on the snags.

Sam Ashleigh took it upon herself to visit the Hertfordshire store, and look: it ain’t all bad. Her footage shows that resplendent green and red, the delightfully oversized aisles, those instantly recognisable aprons and yes, the bangers:

While we’re not used to seeing such a portly snag on our sausage sangas, it is heartening to know they’ve already nailed the right level of carbonisation on that bad boy. Crunchy casings to various meats, eaten in and around massive quantities of paint? Hell yeah.

Bonus points for What About Me? here, too. We fully expect reviews from all of the new stores – and, if things to go plan, as many as ten could pop up over there by 2018. 

Source and photo: Sam Ashleigh / YouTube.