In Today’s Wholesome News, Buddy Franklin & Jesinta Campbell Are Expecting Their First Bub

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Legend duo Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell have just announced that they’re expecting a baby Buddy. YEW.

Jesinta released a statement on her self-titled subscription app today, announcing the news and insinuating that there’d been some difficulty in falling pregnant.

“My husband and I are so incredibly excited and overjoyed to announce that we have a baby on the way,” she said. “The journey to get here hasn’t been easy and this little life is the greatest gift and we feel truly blessed and grateful that we will have a little angel of our own.”

“We have both dreamt of this for a long time and whilst the 2.5 years have been physically and emotionally challenging, there’s nothing we would change as its brought us to this beautiful moment.”

“The immense love we already have for our baby is indescribable and we cant wait to meet our little miracle.”

My heart is bursting. Bless the unfairly beautiful genetics that this bub will inherit.