Jesinta Campbell, Buddy Franklin May Sue Over “Disgusting” Daily Tele Column

So yesterday, The Daily Telegraph published opinion columnist Annette Sharp‘s listicle bullshit, 13 Reasons Jesinta And Buddy Should Postpone Their Wedding, responsible for thousands of cases of dry retching and nausea across the country.

In it, Sharp unhelpfully suggests that Jesinta Campbell and Buddy Franklin should postpone their wedding for heinous reasons such as “mental illness can be hereditary” and “Jesinta’s appeal and allure will halve when she marries“. ICYMI, Buddy is still on granted leave from the Sydney Swans to deal with mental health issues.

But vengeance is swift; The Australian is now reporting that Jesinta and Buddy are planning to sue The Daily Telegraph, to which we can 100% say: GOOD.

We are seeking legal advice on the disgusting article that was written,” her agent Sharon Finnigan said. “I have no other words for it. It was so awful.”

With any luck, this will make the paper reassess how they let their questionable standards slip to the level that this sludge made it through the filters in the first place.

Meanwhile, Australia is still slamming Sharpe’s bullshit, and as a result she spend most of yesterday defending her article on Twitter, insisting that it was written out of “concern” for the couple.

And this morning she is STILL. GOING, adding a 14th reason, because evidently13 pieces of unsolicited advice to a couple she doesn’t know didn’t quite cut it.


Picture: Instagram / The Daily Telegraph. 
via The Australian.