Bronwyn Bishop Breaks Her Duck, Kicks Out First Coalition MP As Speaker

In the kind of streak breaking not seen since Scott Hall jabbed Goldberg with a cattle prod, allowing Kevin Nash the old 1-2-3 and putting the first blemish on a previously flawless record, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has finally done the unthinkable in ejecting a member of her own party from the house. During Question Time yesterday, Bronwyn Bishop finally ejected a Coalition MP from parliament, leaving her with a record of 1 Liberal ejection to 101 from Labor.

The unlucky recipient of the first big blue boot since Bishop took over the speaker’s chair on the 12th of November 2013 was Ewen Jones, who is the LNP member for Herbert, which encompasses Townsville and not much else. Unsurprisingly, Jones’ seat in parliament is very, very, very much on the back benches.
Jones was ejected for repeatedly interrupting Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as he attempted to re-phrase a question that originally included the word “lies” which Bishop had deemed to be “un-Parliamentary.” Education Minister Christopher Pyne then rose to his feet and flat-out abused the Labor front bench, using the word cunt grub. And yet it was Jones who was ejected for speaking out of turn.
101 – 1. The streak is over. Long live the streak.
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.