Bronwyn Bishop Has Just Resigned As Speaker Of The House

Bronwyn Bishop has resigned as speaker of the House of Representatives, per a statement by Prime Minister Tony Abbott this afternoon.

Over the past several weeks, Bishop has faced mounting pressure over her travel expenses, after it was revealed that she had spent large amounts of money on flights to private events.
“Today, Bronwyn Bishop has done the right thing by the government and the Australian people,” said the Prime Minister, who has also announced that he will hold a review into parliamentary expenses. 
“It’s very important that we have a system which is independent, accountable, transparent and workable,” said Abbott. “Today I announce that there will be a fundamental review of members of Parliament’s entitlements.” 
“I want the Australian people to have confidence that their members of Parliament are decent people. It’s become apparent over the last few weeks that the system does need fundamental reform.” 
“The system that we have is deficient. There’s a disconnect between what’s within the rules, and what’s within community expectation.” 
Abbott added that Bishop regrets her actions, saying that “no-one who saw Bronwyn on television the other day could be under any doubt as to her remorse.”  
Below is a statement released by Bishop herself:

We’ll follow the story as it develops.
via ABC News
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images