Clive Reaches Peak Palmer, Posts Bizarre “BYE BRONWYN” Video

Clive Palmer is not a known giver of fucks about doing things the ‘traditional way’.

To announce his and Independent MP Andrew Wilkie‘s plans to move forward a motion of no confidence against Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, he posted a video to his Facebook page that’s 11 glorious seconds of him staring down the camera and yelling ‘BYE BRONWYN’ over and over.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached peak Palmer.

TBH this dude summed it up best:

The presser issued by the Palmer United Party expands on the BYE BRONWYN theme:

“My hope is that Mrs Bishop will do the honourable thing and resign,” said Palmer. “There seems to be double standards with both the former speaker Peter Slipper and now Bronwyn Bishop. They have not been a fair yardstick for the Australian people. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.”

Wilkie dug the knife in further, really throwing his back into it for good measure.

“Bronwyn Bishop is not a fit person to occupy the highest position in the House of Representatives,” said Wilkie. “The Member for Mackellar has abused parliamentary entitlements and treats public expectations with contempt. No wonder many members of the community questions her integrity.”

If she hasn’t stepped down from her position – which, let’s face it, everyone and their area member is calling for her to do – Palmer and Wilkie will move their motion on the first sitting day of parliament on Monday week.

Just this morning, Bishop went on 2GB to publicly apologise for the helicopter fiasco et al, promising to pay her expenses back. As it comes almost three weeks after the travel expenses scandal first emerged, many are calling too little, too late. And that’s putting it politely.

Bishop also told Alan Jones that she won’t be resigning as Speaker, despite both sides of politics (not to mention the Australian public) breathing down her neck. 

When you consider the combined efforts of Coalition frontbenchers happily (and anonymously) slamming her to the ABC, and Labor gearing up to utilise this shitstorm for all it’s worth, we won’t be surprised if Bishop announces her resignation in the next week / day / hour.

Till then, pals.