It appears that Bronwyn Bishop is at last reconsidering this whole Speaker of the House gig that she’s spent the last few weeks clutching onto with every last fingernail.

The news comes from Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who told Nine Network‘s Today program that seeing as Parliament returns in a week and a half, and seeing as Labor will be holding on to her multiple expense claim scandals with bulldog-like vice, Bronwyn Bishop might decide to step down as Speaker.

“I understand that the Labor Party will seek to use this to destabilise Question Time for example, and I’m sure Speaker Bishop will take that into account as she considers her position.”

Scott Morrison has also declined to publicly support the Speaker, which in political terms, is basically the same as throwing her under the bus and stomping on the pedal. 

“I’m not one to offer public lectures to my colleagues on these things,” he told Fairfax. “If I have anything to pass on to the Speaker I will do it privately and not offer public lectures on these things. The Speaker is consulting with her colleagues.”

Translated, it reads: DON’T DRAG ME INTO THIS, MATES.

They say at the heart of all great comedy is great tragedy, and Bronwyn Bishop fucking rorting the Australian taxpayer for luxury travel is no exception – yesterday we learned of the Flappy Bird-style game BronnyCopter (can you spend more than Bronwyn Bishop?), and today, sly dog Malcolm Turnbull sent out a bunch of tweets of his tram ride for oh, no reason whatsoever.

Bronwyn Bishop Might Be Rethinking Her Speaker Of The House Gig

via Fairfax / ABC