Brissy Bookstore That Out-Trolled MRA Pisslords Makes It Into The NY Times

It looks like our local book-selling ledges at Avid Reader Bookshop & Cafe in Brissy have cracked the US market, featured today in the fancy af ‘New York Times’
Their lil interview today comes after the news that the page that trolled back when besieged by MRAs has nearly reached 5000 five-star reviews (as of rn they’re at 4.9k out of 5.4k total reviews).
Quick recap. Scene: Monday morning, Brisbane. Avid Reader share Facebook post from Clementine Ford celebrating the news of her second book ‘Boys Will Be Boys‘. By nightfall, Anti-Feminism Australia has encouraged their devoted fanbase to wind up Avid Reader by posting one-star reviews. Avid Reader respond with snarky comments. The Oz lit community start to reply too, and are savage in their rebuttals. They also begin posting rival five-star reviews. The good ones far surpass the bad. Balance is restored. 
Avid Reader social media manager Christopher Currie told the ‘NYT‘ that he was feeding his one-year-old son on Monday evening when the first “vicious online attacks from anti-feminist trolls” started to come in: 
It was a bit of a shock.”  
It’s something that I don’t have to deal with on a daily basis, like Clementine certainly does. It’s scary how it develops so quickly, and how people from all over the world get roped in.”
The ‘NYT‘ described the actions of the MRAs as online harassment and wrote about the main reason why Twitter and Facebook are so rubbish at supporting victims of concerted online hate campaigns such as these: 

[Trolls] get away with it, in part, experts say, because, there is still no consensus in the digital or real world about how to define a digital hate crime, harassment and assault. Governments certainly aren’t doing much to wrestle with the problem.”

Ford also responded to the attacks late on Monday, describing them as having a – and I hope she doesn’t mind that we’re going to use this all the time now – “rage wank“. 

The mass support and the trolling continue, even today, with one-star and five-star reviews still rollin’ on in. 

Photo: Facebook.