Brissy Bookshop Beautifully Owns MRA Babies Upset That They Stock Clem Ford

MRAs are posting one-star reviews of Brissy independent bookshop Avid Reader Bookshop and Cafe on Facebook for stocking feminist writer Clementine Ford‘s debut tome ‘Fight Like A Girl‘. But the bookshop, and its fans, are not having any of it.  
Earlier today the bookshop dared to repost from Ford the news that she has signed the contract for her second book, ‘Boys Will Be Boys‘, to be published by Allen & Unwin late next year. 
And that’s when it all started.
The men are calling the bookshop a “retarded anti-men bookstore“, accusing Ford of “dehumanising men” and “spewing hatred” and calling feminism a “stupid cancerous ideology“, like fascism and communism, apparently.  
So Avid Reader have responded with peak snark.
And on and on and on into infinity. 
Fans of the bookshop from across the Oz lit community have also come out to leave five-star reviews and to participate in mass sledging of the whiny-man-babies, including comedian Ben Pobjie, ‘The Lifted Brow‘ Managing Editor and Publisher Sam Cooney and Benjamin Law of SBSThe Family Law‘.
The wave of five-star reviews have far outstripped the trolls, to the point that the Avid Reader maintains a 4.4-star rating on Facey, out of over a thousand reviews. 

Christopher Currie, Avid Reader’s social media manager told us:

I guess all we have to say is thanks to the pathetic MRA babies who are giving us and Clem’s upcoming [book a] publicity boost. One star reviews don’t particularly worry us, but what does is that this is a tiny sample of the unthinking, rabid abuse Clementine Ford (and indeed any woman on social media) receives on a daily basis. All we can do is ridicule these ridiculous people and hope they soon fall asleep at their keyboards.

And Ford herself reviewed the Avid Reader, thanking them “for all that you do“: 

And so the mass whine/mass sledging continues until naptime. They seem to be having a pretty good time.

Photo: Facebook.