Actress Clem Ford Mistakenly Abused; Is Very Proud Of Journo Clem Ford

The feels that we feel are too much, you guys. Too much. 
After the craziness that has been ‘man abuses journalist online, loses job for it‘ saga, The L Word actress Clementine Ford keeps getting mistakenly abused by people who think she is the Aussie journalist, Clementine Ford
The actress tweeted today, ‘For fucks sake, that’s not me’ in response to someone who tagged her in a tweet implying that she was the feminist journalist. 

When questioned about the tweet, she sent this heartwarming explanation:

And then the Clementine‘s had this entirely wonderful and feels-prompting discussion about the ‘mistaken identity’ conundrum:
However, the true winner in this scenario is Twitter user @ArlanWasHere, who has verbalised an extremely good and magical idea, and should receive our medal in the post soon. Thank you, ArlanWasHere.

Source: Twitter

Photo: Michael Buckner / Getty Images (L), Clementine Ford (R).