Facebook Seriously Banned Clem Ford Just For Telling Someone To “Fuck Off”

You could not, in a million billion years, make this stuff up.

The internet experience for women is an extremely different one to that of men (the least shocking statement you’re gonna read all year), and for women with prominent public profiles, it’s even worse.
Clementine Ford, one of Australia’s premiere and most vocal feminist authors, continually cops an absolute torrent of horrendous shit from limp-dicked losers who have nothing better to do than trawl the bowels of their own minds to spew out the most rank, obscene shit they can think of, purely to assuage their own fear and intimidation caused by the sheer temerity of a woman standing up for herself and the shit she believes in.
Facebook, the benevolent overlord of social media, largely allows most of these fucking atrocious sentences to go up unchecked, unabated, unfiltered. This includes some of the more vile rape, violence, and death threats you’re ever likely to see.
Despite this, it’s Clem who today has mystifyingly felt the swift kiss of Facebook’s banhammer; booted off her own profile for violating the Facebook Community Standards.
You’d think this would be for some outrageous, horrible, completely egregiously gross post.
You’d be wrong. Absolutely bloody wrong.
Clem got banned for telling one of her (sadly numerous) disgusting trolls to “fuck off.”
No, we’re not kidding.

Fuck off Robert.
That’s apparently enough to get you booted off Facebook for 30 days. Calling someone a “diseased whore” and spouting all the slut-shaming, rape-threatening, unsolicited dick pic-sending shit you can think off is fine. Telling that person to hit the bricks? Over the line.
As always, Clem’s words sum this absolute bullshit up far better than anyone else’s ever could – in a post made on her public Facebook page (from an anon alt account she’s had to set up specifically for situations like this, because this kind of shit happens way too often), Clem went in on Facebook and their poor community standards enforcement.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to have to keep posting this stuff either but it looks like I have to.

I’ve just been given a 30 day ban for telling one of the d-bag boys who flock this page to “fuck off.” This is because I have “repeatedly posted things that aren’t allowed on FB,” like calling someone a “poopy head” and saying “I hate you.” Okay for men to call me a “diseased whore” who “needs 6 inches up you” and a “broomstick shoved in your pisshole,” but not okay to tell a pest to fuck off.

I am posting this from a secondary account set up purely to deal with this shit. And by “shit,” I mean Facebook’s pathetic, hostile attitude to women. We have to tolerate threats of violence and disparaging remarks about our bodies and what we need to be done to us to make us shut up because this is “humour” and “free speech.” But God forbid a tiny, childish little baby boy have to be told to fuck off as if his opinion isn’t the most important thing in the world. Get your fucking shit together, Facebook, you pack of hypocritical dicks.

For the love dog, Facebook. Get it together and unban Clem.

And while we’re at it, we wholeheartedly agree: Fuck off, Robert.

Source: Clementine Ford/Facebook.
Photo: Facebook.