Brisbanites were literally blown away on the streets today, enduring ceaseless strong winds of between 60km/h and 70km/h, with the strongest gust recorded clocking in at 76 km/h at the airport. Even if the temp was pretty warm at almost 20°C at the airport, it felt chilly as heck: only about 6°C to 9°C.

And the winds took one victim: a large tree, which fell onto a house in Brisbane’s west, causing only minor damage. And in the CBD the wind picked up a tent and chucked it at a woman in her 60s while she was minding her own business. The woman had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries. 


Some may say the wind at least enhanced our fire looks. 


And who can resist the urge to use strong-as-heck winds to promote your company?

Source: The Courier-MailNine News

Photo: NBC.