High Winds & A Bloody Huge Dust Storm Absolutely Smashed Melbourne This AM

If you thought your morning commute was a little bit wilder than usual this morning, you’re not bloody wrong. Melbourne copped a battering from high winds that brought down trees, disrupted public transport, and dragged a spectacular-lookin’ dust storm across the CBD just as morning peak hour hit.

Winds in excess of 100km/h smacked Victoria upside the head this morning, with the strongest gusts battering Melbourne from early morning until around 10am.

The storm front whipped up wind gusts that peaked at 109km/h in St Kilda, and brought with it a gnarly dust cloud captured by various punters on social media.


Commuters on the South Morang and Hustbridge lines felt the full brunt of the winds, which brought a tree branch down on top of a train near Jolimont station, forcing passengers to disembark on the tracks and causing massive delays further up the line.

Trees have also been brought down in numerous areas across the city, including this shot take in the inner-city suburb of Richmond.


The winds also managed to knock a load off a truck crossing the West Gate Bridge earlier this morning, causing minor delays to traffic.

And spare a bloody thought for the public art in Federation Square this morning, which is copping an absolute pizzling.


The winds have caused around 40,000 homes to lost power, with services slowly being restored throughout the morning as the Victorian SES works through a log of 400-odd calls for assistance made since midnight last night.

So there you bloody have it, mates. It is windy as heck today in good ole’ Melbourne.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecast calls for winds to ease later this afternoon as temperatures pick back up into the low 20s.