Sydney Airport Is Absolute Bedlam This Morn After Severe Winds Delay Flights

Airline travellers hoping to escape Sydney have had their plans thrown into disarray, thanks to severe winds impacting flights to and from Sydney Airport this morning.

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The airport resorted to using a single runway around 7am, resulting in an enormous queues as punters waited for updates on both domestic and international services.

Images posted on social media show extensive lines of travellers attempting to check in. Read: it’s packed in there, folks.

The chaos isn’t only in Sydney, either. Inclement weather over in Victoria has impacted some flights out of Melbourne Airport, meaning there’s a likelihood of delayed services around the nation.

The Bureau of Meteorology reports winds up to 60km/h are expected to bluster around Sydney this morning, before calming down somewhat later in the evening. Winds of up to 40km/h are expected to mess things up in Melbourne.

Travellers have been advised to contact their airline for details regarding their specific flights.