Horny Hackers Created Qld’s Latest Big Attraction By Putting Porn On A Giant Brissy Billboard

Qld Police are in hot pursuit of some Brisbane hackers after they displayed porn on a giant digital billboard at the weekend. The x-rated content was displayed for three and a half minutes from 9:23am on Sunday, so as the old saying goes, the early bird gets sees the worm.

The advertising company behind the billboard, goa, manage a total of 70 billboards across Brisbane as per Guardian Australia.

“Within minutes of the breach occurring, our IT techs began an immediate shutdown and investigation,” the company said in a statement as per 9News.

“We are particularly conscious that this may have included children and adolescents.

“Apart from this one off incident, the rest of our internal transmission systems, including security systems, were not breached in any way.”

I mean, you’d bloody hope so. You’d hate for the other 69 billboards to start displaying equally saucy content.

I also just love how their official response essentially boiled down to “don’t worry, we have our best nerds on the job”.

From producing COVID vaccines to shutting down porn billboards, where would we be without nerds?

Queensland Police has confirmed the billboard was indeed “broken into”. It is now using images of the suspected hackers, which were supplied by goa, to assist its investigation

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time in recent memory PEDESTRIAN.TV has reported on wonky billboards.

In Feb, Masterchef‘s Khanh Ong put a billboard advertising his season of Survivor on a road he knew his exes would drive down every day. We stan our petty king.

Then in May, a 7News billboard went up in Sydney with placeholder text still on it. And what language was that placeholder text you might ask? Latin. What an absolute mess.

We simply cannot wait for the next instalment in our unofficial series of cooked billboards.