Gather round friends, as I prepare to tell you the most Bondi story you’ll probably ever hear (this month at least). No, it isn’t some wild tale about the Amalfi Beach Club, and it definitely doesn’t involve Instagram influencers. Instead, we’ll be talking about the good old nostril granite, cocaine.

Remember when a Guildford woman reportedly caused the arrest of an alleged dealer in Bondi by straight-up moving an undercover cop out of the way so she could buy a bag of Paddington’s powder. The nerve. The gall. The gumption. The audacity. The folk from the West are simply born different.

On March 20, NSW Police reported that they saw a motor vehicle going down a one-way street in Bondi in the wrong direction, only to pull over and stop on Gould Street. The driver then began to use his phone (it’ll make sense as to why later), and was approached by a plain-clothes officer.

The officer’s discussion with the driver was pertaining to his traffic violation, but it was interrupted by a 26-year-old woman from Guildford.

“Excuse me. Can I speak to the driver?” she reportedly said to the officer.

“I need to speak with him.”

Naturally, the officer asked the woman why she needed to speak with him so badly, and the woman said it was because she was “buying cocaine.” No hesitation, just straight up facts.

On an unrelated note, I now have the need to revisit my homeland near Guildford. It’s this kind of confidence that you just can’t find in NSW’s Inner West.

NSW Police allege that the woman’s phone was filled with texts between her and the driver, which revealed that the two were organising a deal. The police also claim that the driver could be seen hiding plastic packages by the side of his seat at this time.

The driver was arrested after eight bags of nose candy and $3100 in cash were found inside his car. He was charged with disobeying a one-way sign, driving a motor vehicle during its disqualification period, supply of prohibited drugs and dealing with property proceeds of crime.

It’s a classic lesson in just how straight-up people from Sydney’s west can be, and I will never forget it.

Image: Getty Images / Peter Dazeley